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Staff Research Associate 3

University of California - Los Angeles Health
United States, California, Los Angeles
September 21, 2023
Description The Department of Medicine is looking for a motivated Staff Research Associate III to work independently and with experience in animal work, wet lab work, data analysis and laboratory management. In this role you will perform animal related jobs including but not limited to mouse colony maintenance, survival mouse surgical interventions (specifically involving thoracotomy e.g. myocardial infarction, cardiac injection, or transverse aortic constriction), mouse hearts and blood collection, and tail vein injection. You should be familiar with mouse CreLoxP system and wet lab techniques including but not limited to mammalian tissue culture, RT and real time PCR, western blotting, DNA/RNA/protein extraction, agarose and acrylamide electrophoresis, and immunostaining. As a part of data analysis, you will working with Photoshop and ImageJ for immunohistochemistry (IHC) quantification, and wield expert working knowledge of Excel for statistical and data analysis, and PowerPoint for lab and meeting presentation. Finally, in this role, you will contribute original ideas to the development and execution of projects, contribute to research design processes with Principal Investigators and project scientists, and serve as co-author to prepare reports and manuscripts for publication.
Target annual rate: $64,498-$103,732
Qualifications Required:
* Strong interpersonal skills for interaction to communicate diplomatically and effectively with faculty, peers, patients, physicians, collaborators, researchers, administrators, and University faculty and staff
* Demonstrated skill in problem solving, prioritizing assignments to complete work in a timely and efficient manner and maintaining confidentiality of data and using discretion and judgment in responding to inquiries and releasing information.
* Experience using basic laboratory equipment (centrifuges, CO2 incubators, spectrophotometer, PCR and qPCR machines, pH meter, balances, plate reader, light and fluorescence microscopes, gel documentation)
* Perform mouse survival surgery, specifically thoracotomy e.g. myocardial infarction
* Demonstrated skills in using PC computer, Photoshop, Image J, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and windows applications.
* Skills to obtain or convey clear information at various organizational levels.
* Experience in isolating mouse blastocyst to establish mouse embryonic stem cells, maintaining and differentiating human and mouse embryonic stem cells to cardiovascular lineage.
* Experience with ARC, IBC and ESCRO protocol.
* Ability to work as a team and work independently with minimal direction.
* Bachelor's degree in molecular biology, cell biology, neuroscience, or a related field